New Building Address

New Building Address

We are still in the same location but LRCA has a new address: 6110 Foreland Garth Columbia, MD 21045.

We are in the process of updating our forms and documents to reflect the change.

During this transition period, we will still be accepting mail for our old address, 8775 Cloudleap Court.

Citizen Science: Breeding Bird Atlas Presentation

Citizen Science: Breeding Bird Atlas Presentation

February 8, 2021 at 7pm

Birds are good indicators of an ecosystem’s health because they are abundant, easy to observe, and respond to environmental changes relatively quickly.

The Maryland/DC Breeding Bird Atlas 3 (MD/DC BBA3) is a comprehensive five-year survey of the birds breeding in Maryland and DC (2020-2024) that will expand our current knowledge of the region’s breeding birds and contribute to their conservation and management.

Sue Muller, Co-coordinator for Howard County’s MD/DC BBA3 efforts, will give a brief overview of the project and discuss how you can observe breeding behavior and how to contribute your observations using eBird.

This free, hour-long presentation will be held via Zoom.

NOTE: This event will be held online only.

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Long Reach Sustainable Landscaping Tour

Long Reach Sustainable Landscaping Tour

This year, to celebrate Earth Day, the Long Reach Watershed Advisory Committee would like to organize a self-guided tour to celebrate the sustainable landscaping practices in our village! We know that many of us have used this last year to work in our yards, so we’re hoping that many neighbors will want to show off their work in a safe way. Rain gardens, pollinator gardens, lawn reduction, and much more!

To ensure we have enough interest, please take a moment to complete this survey if you are interested in showing off your sustainable practices, large and small!

Master Gardener Presentations

Master Gardener Presentations

Join us for free presentations from the Master Gardeners of Howard County.

Growing and Maintaining a Fescue Lawn
February 22, 2021 at 7pm
Learn how a beautiful lawn can be yours without adding to pollution of the Chesapeake Bay. Covered topics include soil preparation and testing, choosing correct seed, fertilizers, watering, mowing, thatch, weed and disease control.

Building a Better Garden with Less Effort
March 15, 2021 at 7pm
Establishing a vegetable garden can require a lot of time and money and yield minimal results. This presentation demonstrates how you can establish a productive vegetable plot with less effort.

Creating a Pollinator Patch
April 26, 2021 at 7pm
Discover the easiest way to create a native flower garden to attract butterflies and bees. Find out how to support both adults and young, including plants recommendations that thrive even in yards with deer and heavy clay soil.

Composting Demystified
May 10, 2021 at 7pm
Explore how you can turn leaves, grass, and vegetable matter into black gold in your own backyard.

All presentions will be held online only.

Visit to register.