“Beech” Trip – March 4

2nd Annual Winter “Beech” Trip 

Saturday, March 4, 12pm Noon

Pathway by Long Reach Village Center

Please join the Weed Warriors of Long Reach CARES for a special rescue. One of our beloved Long Reach beech trees is becoming overcome by vines. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to use hand saws to cut the vines smothering this beautiful tree growing very close to our village center (see blue circle on map). Terrain around this tree is steeply sloped and rocky.

This is truly an adventure for the bold of heart! However, this tree has friends who are also in danger, and they are on more flat, accessible ground! So please, no matter your ability, you are so very welcome in this fight. If possible, please bring your own hand tools (hand saws would be great!)

  • Bike parking- please bike directly to the blue circled area and park on the nearby grass
  • Bus access- both the 408 and 402 stop right by the village center
  • Car parking- please park at the Long Reach Village Center and carefully cross Cloudleap Ct to get to the blue circled area on the map