CA Stream Restoration Project Update

Columbia Association Watershed Manager John McCoy and representatives from Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc. joined the Long Reach Village Board at its regularly scheduled virtual Board meeting on October 5 to discuss the upcoming stream restoration project. Links to the two slide presentations are below:

Columbia Association Presentation and Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. Presentation

The project will ultimately stretch from High Tor Hill to the head of Lake Elkhorn and includes large portions of stream valleys in Long Reach such as the portion of the stream above Jackson Pond. This will reduce the amount of sediment being washed into Lake Elkhorn from badly eroding stream banks and protect residents’ homes that are threatened by stream bank erosion.

Columbia Association has scheduled two meetings this fall for additional community input:

Tuesday, October 26, 7 pm, Virtual: Education Session/Q&A on Stream Restoration. Click here for details.

Tuesday, November 2, 6 – 8:30 pm, at Stonehouse (6110 Foreland Garth): Long Reach Stream Restoration Informational Meeting. Click here for details.

For information about stream restoration, including additional information about the meetings, visit