Contact Us

6110 Foreland Garth, Columbia, Maryland 21045

Office: 410-730-8113 • Fax: 410-730-5882

Our Staff

Tina Addo: Village Administrator

Anne Kulesza: Assistant Administrator

Yasmeen Avery: Facilities Coordinator – rentals, leases, and maintenance of village facilities

Darlene Brown: Alteration Covenant Advisor – exterior alteration and in-home business applications

Kristina Strakna: Compliance Covenant Advisor –  Letters of Compliance and covenant enforcement

Event & Camp Coordinator – Camp Oasis, dance classes, special events, newsletter advertising

Marta Evans: Bookkeeper

Board of Directors

Nina Basu, Chair
5766 Sweetwind, Columbia MD 21045

Edward Coleman, Vice-Chair
9254 Hobnail Court, Columbia MD 21045

Reginald Avery
6137 Nest Side,  Columbia MD 21045

Josh Friedman
8784 Tamar Drive, Columbia MD 21045

David Wissing
6200 Twenty Year Chase, Columbia MD 21045

Janet Evans, Columbia Council Representative
8965 Blue Pool, Columbia MD 21045