Download the Long Reach Village Covenants
(Long Reach Village Covenants are not permitted to be reproduced for the purpose of resale.)

The Long Reach Village Covenants are one of the many pieces of paper you (or your landlord) received at the time of settlement on your property. Copies of the Covenants and Guidelines are available at Stonehouse, in the Long Reach Village Center. Each of the other villages in Columbia has similar covenants, or contracts. They assure the residents of certain minimum standards for land use, architectural design and property maintenance throughout their village. They also provide for your membership in the Columbia Association, Inc. (CA), and the Long Reach Community Association, Inc. (LRCA), and establish the mechanism for the operation of these associations. These Covenants run with the land as part of your deed of ownership and cannot, as a practical matter, be changed. They are a contract between the Village Association, as represented by its elected Board of Directors (the Village Board) and the residents, and between each resident and every other resident of the Village. Thus, when dealing with the Covenants and the architectural control process you are dealing with your friends and neighbors in the Village of Long Reach. It is our intent and duty to help you in every way to obtain the fullest enjoyment of your property and common CA-owned property, consistent with your obligations to other residents.

Responsibility and Authority

The Long Reach Village Covenants state that anything which materially changes the exterior appearance of any lot and/or structure in Long Reach, any use other than the originally intended use of any lot or structure in Long Reach, and any matter which involves the maintenance of any lot or structure in Long Reach is subject to the review of the Long Reach Architectural Committee. The Long Reach Architectural Committee has the authority to require property owners to abide by the provisions of the Village Covenants and by the Guidelines and procedures.

What Is the Process for Covenant Enforcement?

Enforcement of the Village Covenants is the job of every resident but the routines are carried out by the Covenant Advisors.  When architectural complaints are brought to the attention of the Covenant Advisors, they are kept confidential and investigated as soon as possible.  If a violation is confirmed, the property owner is contacted and asked to correct the problem, either by removal or submission of an application or in the case of a maintenance problem, by repair.  Our experience has been that most problems are corrected at this stage.

If this contact does not result in action, the property owner will receive formal notification requesting action and if the problem is not corrected within the stipulated time, legal action may be initiated.