Architectural Guidelines

Download the entire Architectural Guidelines
Guidelines are not permitted to be reproduced for the purpose of resale.

Topics covered in the Architectural Guidelines include:

  • About the Application Process: Responsibility & Authority
  • What are the Covenants?
  • How Does the Architectural Process Work?
  • Why Do We Have Architectural Controls?
  • What is the Regular Application Process?
  • What is the Fast Track Application Process?
  • How to Submit your Application
  • What if I Don’t Wait for Approval?
  • What is the Process for Covenant Enforcement?
  • How Closely Must I Adhere to the Guidelines in this Book?
  • Very Important Advice Checklist for Exterior Alteration Applications Exterior Alteration Application (PDF Format)

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Architectural Guidelines Subjects:

Air Conditioning Units* Cul-de-Sacs Political Signs
Animal Shelters Driveways Ponds/Fountains
Awnings Fences Porches
Basketball Backboards and Poles (Installed & Portable)* Grass Pools
Birdbaths Holiday Decorations Privacy Screening
Carports Lamppost & Exterior Light Fixtures Radon Remediation Pipes
Chimneys (Residential) And Smokestacks Leaf & Tree Debris Rain Barrels
Clothes Lines Mold, Mildew & Algae Real Estate Signs
Commercial Properties Paint Rental Properties
Compost Piles* Patio & Walkway Shared Living
Decks* Roof Boarders
Decorative Objects Screens Restyling
Dog Runs Shrubs Retaining Walls
Driveways Sidewalks Rock Gardens
Enclosed Rear Yards Siding Roofing
Entrance Doors Snow Removal Satellite Dishes and Antennas
Exterior Lighting Street Trees Sheds*
Fences* Tarps Siding*
Flag Poles & Brackets Trash, Trash Containers & Recyclables Signs
Fountains Trees Skylights*
Garages Vehicles Sliding Glass Doors
Garage Doors Woodpiles Solar Collectors
Garden Plots (Residential) Major Exterior Building Alterations Storm Doors Storm Windows
Gas Grills (Permanent) Open Space Sun Trellises
Gazebos Other Alterations Tear Down/Rebuilds
Gutters and Downspouts Painting and Staining Townhouses, Condominium and Similar Multi-Family Dwellings
Hot Tubs/Whirlpools Parking Pads  Tree Removal
House Numbers Patios*  Windows
In-Home Business Parking and Storage of Vehicles Walkways
Landscape Edging* Plantings* Bulk Items
Maintenance Play Equipment Boats and Trailers