Architectural Review Process

The Long Reach Architectural Committee has the authority to require property owners to abide by the provisions of the Village Covenants and by the Guidelines and procedures described in the following pages.


The Village Board has adopted program called Fast Track, for faster processing of some exterior alterations. Fast Track began on May 1, 2001. Information and application forms for Fast Track are available, along with the regular Exterior Alteration Application and In-home Business Application, by clicking on the Application button.

Fast Track Summary

This process was developed to shorten processing time for certain standard exterior alterations. Applications from townhouse or condominiums must include the local association signature with “approval” or “disapproval” circled on the application. Applications for consideration for Fast Track must be submitted by noon, any Monday Stonehouse is open. The Covenant Advisor will review the application for eligibility and completeness (including plot plan, color or materials samples, drawings, all pertinent measurements, and adjacent neighbors’ signatures). Neighbors’ signatures are required for the Fast Track process. If the application meets the criteria for Fast Track and is complete, it will then be either approved or disapproved by a member of the Architectural Committee and notification will be provided by phone no later 4 p.m. on Thursdays, followed by written confirmation. If the application is not eligible, complete or approved, it will automatically be shifted to the regular exterior alteration process. The decision to shift to the regular process is final. Please consult the full text for complete information on the requirements and the kinds of alterations that will be eligible for Fast Track.


Certain exterior alterations may be reviewed under the Fast Track application process. Please check the Guideline book to note whether the alteration you desire is eligible for the Fast Track process. Any application from a townhouse or condominium must include the local association signature denoting approval or disapproval at the time of submission. Due to scheduling conflicts and unforeseen circumstances, the Fast Track process may not be available during all weeks of the year.

All applications for consideration under the Fast Track process must be submitted by noon, any Monday Stonehouse is open. The application form for the Fast Track process is the same form used for all exterior alterations requests, plus one page. The Covenant Advisor will review the submitted application for Fast Track eligibility and completeness. The application must be complete at the time of submission for consideration under the Fast Track process. This includes plot plan, samples, drawings, all pertinent measurements, signatures of four visually affected property owners surrounding the applicant’s property are required, etc. Remember, the neighbors’ signatures are required for the Fast Track process because no time is available for notification by post card. If the application is complete and meets the criteria for Fast Track review, it will then be approved by a member of the Architectural Committee.

You will be notified by telephone by 4 p.m. on the Thursday following submission with confirmation in writing to follow. If an application does not meet all the criteria for the Fast Track process, the Covenant Advisor will move the application to the regular review process. The decision to move an application to the regular process is final.


You may view/download the Guidelines here. 
(Guidelines are not permitted to be reproduced for the purpose of resale.)

The Long Reach Village Covenants state that the following are subject to the review of the Long Reach Architectural Committee anything which materially changes the exterior appearance of any lot or any structure any use other than the originally intended use of any lot or structure any matter which involves the maintenance of any lot or structure These alterations to your property require approval by the Resident Architectural Committee (RAC), which meets every other Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Stonehouse.

Applications need to be submitted by noon two weeks before the meeting at which they will be voted on. For example, an application to be voted on at the June 25 meeting must be at Stonehouse by NOON on Wednesday, June 11. Some simple alterations may be processed through the Fast Track application process, which can result in speedier approval. Exterior Alteration Application and In-home Business Application forms and a helpful Guideline Booklet can be picked up at Stonehouse during normal business hours. Application forms can also be downloaded from this website by clicking here. This download requires Adobe Reader. If you don’t have the Adobe Reader program, you can download it free of charge from Residents are encouraged to attend RAC meetings or send written comments about any application.


Exterior Alteration Applications cannot be processed and voted on unless all required information is included. Please note the list below and submit your application only if all information is included.

  1. Name, address and work and home telephone numbers.
  2. Neighborhood.
  3. Type of house, design of house and current colors of roof, siding, shutters, door,
  4. garage door and trim.
  5. Signature of your townhouse or condominium association, if applicable, on the
  6. application with Approval or Disapproval circled.
  7. Description of changes desired.
  8. Color chips, drawings with all measurements, plot plan with proposed changes
  9. clearly marked, etc.
  10. Name, address and telephone number of your contractor.
  11. Your dated signature and that of any tenant(s).
  12. For Fast Track: All information above plus visually affected neighbors’ signatures. Applications submitted for the Fast Track without all required information included at the time of submission will be moved to the regular process. For information on specific alterations which are eligible for the Fast Track, please see the Architectural Guideline book.


Need a copy of your plot plan? A location survey and/or plot plan was provided at the time of settlement. Check your settlement documentation for a copy. If you cannot locate the settlement papers, your Lending Institution should have a copy. You can also call the Clerk of the Court, Land Records Division at 410/313-2111 to research the property.

Don’t Forget to Call Miss Utility Residents are reminded to call Miss Utility, 1-800/257-7777 at least 48 hours before digging for the location of all gas, electric, telephone, cable and water lines. This service is free of charge.

Residents are also responsible for checking with the County to see if a permit is required for their exterior alteration by calling 410/313-2455.


PLEASE MAIL OR DELIVER TO: Resident Architectural Committee Phone: 410/730-8113 or Long Reach Community Association 8775 Cloudleap Court Columbia, Maryland 21045 301/596-3265 FAX: 410/730-5882