Architectural Review Process

The Long Reach Architectural Committee has the authority to require property owners to abide by the provisions of the Village Covenants and by the Guidelines and procedures. 

The Long Reach Village Covenants state that the following are subject to the review of the Long Reach Architectural Committee: 

  • anything which materially changes the exterior appearance of any lot or any structure 
  • any use other than the originally intended use of any lot or structure
  •  any matter which involves the maintenance of any lot or structure. 

You may view/download the Guidelines here. 

(Guidelines are not permitted to be reproduced for the purpose of resale.)

Exterior Alteration Application Review Process

Exterior Alteration Applications are accepted at any time. However, applications must be received by noon on Friday to be placed on the agenda for the following Residential Architectural Committee Meeting (RAC) meeting. Applications may be emailed to the Covenant Advisor, mailed, or dropped off at Stonehouse. If you’d like to speak with the Covenant Advisor about a proposed alteration or application, you may make an appointment.

Each application (except for Fast Track applications) will be seen at two consecutive meetings to allow the RAC time for site visits. Exterior Alteration Applications cannot be processed and voted on unless all required information is included. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 7:00pm at Stonehouse (6110 Foreland Garth Columbia, MD). Applications usually take no longer than 30 days for review by the Architectural Committee, unless applying for a major alteration. A copy of the application will be returned to the applicant after review by the Long Reach Architectural Committee. Results and agendas are posted here.

Fast Track Process

Certain exterior alterations may be eligible for review under the Fast Track application process. The Architectural Guidelines outline alterations eligible for the Fast Track process. Due to scheduling conflicts and unforeseen circumstances, the Fast Track process may not be available during all weeks of the year. All applications for consideration under the Fast Track process must be submitted by noon, any Monday . If the application is complete and meets the criteria for Fast Track review, it will then be approved by a member of the Architectural Committee. Applicants will be notified by email by end of business on the Thursday following submission. If an application does not meet all the criteria for the Fast Track process, the Covenant Advisor will move the application to the regular review process. The decision to move an application to the regular process is final.

Need a copy of your plot plan? A location survey and/or plot plan was provided at the time of settlement. Check your settlement documentation for a copy. If you cannot locate the settlement papers, your Lending Institution should have a copy. You can also call the Clerk of the Court, Land Records Division at 410-313-2111 to research the property.

Don’t Forget to Call Miss Utility Residents are reminded to call Miss Utility, 1-800-257-7777 at least 48 hours before digging for the location of all gas, electric, telephone, cable and water lines. This service is free of charge.

Residents are also responsible for checking with the County to see if a permit is required for their exterior alteration by calling 410-313-2455.