RAC Meeting Information

Resident Architectural Committee meetings are currently being held online via zoom. Meeting information will be posted here. Meetings are held at 7pm, with a work session preceding the start of the meeting. The work session portion of the meeting is public and residents are welcome. However, resident participation is not permitted during the work session.

Meeting dates and submission deadline are listed here.

For more information on the Architectural Review Process, click here.

5_15_24-Agenda-Results 5_29_24-Agenda-List

RAC Meeting Dates & Submission Deadlines

All applications are due no later than 12pm Noon on the date of the application submission deadline. 

2024 Dates

Submission Deadlines – 12pm Noon on Dates BelowMeeting Dates
Fri. 12/15/23Wed. 1/10/24
Fri. 1/5/24Wed. 1/24/24
Fri. 1/19/24Wed. 2/7/24
Fri. 2/2/24Wed. 2/21/24
Fri. 2/16/24Wed. 3/6/24
Fri. 3/1/24Wed. 3/20/24
Fri. 3/15/24Wed. 4/3/24
Fri. 3/29/24Wed. 4/17/24
Fri. 4/12/24Wed. 5/1/24
Fri. 4/26/24Wed. 5/15/24
Fri. 5/10/24Wed. 5/29/24
Fri. 5/24/24Wed. 6/12/24
Fri. 6/7/24Wed. 6/26/24
Fri. 6/21/24Wed. 7/10/24
Fri. 7/5/24Wed. 7/24/24
Fri. 7/19/24Wed. 8/7/24
Fri. 8/2/24Wed. 8/21/24
Fri. 8/16/24Wed. 9/4/24
Fri. 8/30/24Wed. 9/18/24
Fri. 9/13/24Wed. 10/2/24
Fri. 9/27/24Wed. 10/16/24
Fri. 10/11/24Wed. 10/30/24
Fri. 10/25/24Wed. 11/13/24
Fri. 11/8/24Tue. 11/26/24
Fri. 11/22/24Wed. 12/11/24
Fri. 12/6/24Wed. 1/8/25