Election Rules & Information




David R. Wissing (Kendall Ridge)

I am a life-long resident of Columbia and have lived in the Kendall Ridge neighborhood of Long Reach for the past six years after choosing to settle down and raise our children in the same city that I grew up in. I love Columbia and love Long Reach.

My priorities in the coming years will be:

  • Continue to hold the Howard County Government accountable in the development of the Long Reach Village Center to fully benefit the residents of Long Reach and Columbia.
  • Develop a closer relationship between the Board of Directors with local schools and organizations in Long Reach to more bring together the community as a whole.
  • Promote Long Reach and the great things it offers.

I thank you for your consideration and ask for your vote to allow me to continue to serve the Long Reach Community. Feel free to email me at drwissing@gmail.com at any time.

Josh Friedman (Locust Park)

I am proud of the work I’ve done on the Village Board over the past few years. I’ve worked with both Democratic and Republican administrations to make our position clear that the Village Center MUST be an amenity for the people of Long Reach and will make us all proud. I will accept nothing less. Additionally, I have fought back against Columbia Association’s attempts to close our pools and neighborhood centers. I also understand that crime is a real problem in our village that needs to be taken seriously and paid more than just lip service. We all have a right to feel safe in our own village. I ask for your vote so I can continue to work to make Long Reach a place where every resident can enjoy the promise of Columbia.

David Bechtel (Jeffers Hill)

My name is David Bechtel and I am running for the Long Reach Community Association Board. I have lived in Long Reach the last 5 years with my wife and son.

During that time I have learned to love our village and all the people in it, but as the village has grown and evolved our board has not. What has the board given us? The current board has failed to help with our village center and in fact it has gone backwards. What we have seen is an increase of broken glass on our paths and broken down cars parked on our streets. The current board and it’s members are not meeting the standards of the village, and are not providing the leadership needed to keep this village as one of the top places to live.

Edward T. Coleman (Jeffers Hill)

As I write this, the response to COVID-19 virus is still unfolding.  Following official guidance, the Stonehouse has closed and the staff is working remotely. I am working with the staff to help ensure that Long Reach will continue to provide necessary services as we all adapt to the current situation.

The redevelopment of the Village center remains a challenge. After years of waiting, it was very disappointing when the adopted plan fell apart. The proposed improvements by Howard County are welcome, but are a short-term, stop-gap measure, at best. The Village Center redevelopment demands a visionary, long-term solution to redevelop the property with commercial and mixed uses, reflecting the demand for local goods and services.

I ask for your vote so that I can continue to serve as your representative to help Long Reach fulfill its mission and to make sure your voices are heard.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions the election will be held by mail only and the only business being conducted is casting a vote in the election for the Long Reach Board of Directors.

Following are the rules that will be in effect for all absentee voting for the Village Elections. References for specific items are as follows: Covenants, the Long Reach Covenants; Articles, the Long Reach Articles of Incorporations; By-Laws, The Long Reach Community Association By-Laws.

  • Only members of the Association in good standing are eligible to vote (By-laws, Section 8.07).
  • The Columbia Association assessment rolls and the apartment tenant lists together form the official voter registration list. Non-appearance of a qualified voter’s name shall be referred to the Election Monitor Committee for resolution (By-laws, Section 8.07). A current, valid identification acceptable to a member of the Election Monitor Committee will serve as proof of resident membership (By-laws, Section 1.10). Tenants must also present an executed copy of their lease in order to verify membership [LR Covenants, Article I, Section 1.20, (ii)].
  • Each voter is allowed one vote for each membership held in the Association, but if a membership is jointly held, i.e., multiple owners or multiple tenants, etc., and any such vote is in dispute, then no vote shall be counted for that membership (Covenants, Article III,3.02.B.; Articles, Article Seventh B.). Multiple votes may only be cast by the owner of more than one lot, the owner of more than one condominium unit, and/or the owner of more than one share in a cooperative (Covenants, Article III and Articles, Article Seventh A.).
  • All votes must be cast on validated ballot forms only [By-laws, Section 8.03(viii) and (ix)].
  • Votes for three Village Board candidates will be counted. The Village Board will be elected to two-year terms. Votes by the same voter may be combined on one ballot if initialed by the Election Monitor Committee representative. Any additional votes cast on any ballot beyond those permitted will not be counted. Write-in votes will not be counted (By-laws, Article VIII, Section 8.07).

Election Monitor Committee:

For information, please email the Election Committee members or info@longreach.org

Nina Basu, Chair – nina.basu@gmail.com

Reginald Avery – waialua1@icloud.com

Janet Evans – jsevans8965@gmail.com

Please remember that tenants are required to produce a current lease. Copy of lease must be enclosed or on file at Stonehouse by April 24, 2020, or your ballot will not be counted. Email copy of lease to info@longreach.org


Who Can Vote

Owners and tenants of Long Reach lien-paying property in good standing are entitled to vote. Only one vote per ownership or tenancy interest will be counted. (Tenants must have on file at Stonehouse a copy of their current lease.)

How to Vote

Ballots must be returned by MAIL ONLY using the postage paid envelope. All absentee ballots must be received at Stonehouse by Friday, April 24, 2020.

If you don’t receive your mailed ballot by April 18th, please email: info@longreach.org to request a ballot. If you are unable to email, please call 410-730-8113 and leave a message to request a ballot.

Ballot Priority (Multiple Ballots Received): If multiple ballots are submitted for a single property, the first ballot received has priority.

Important Reminder

Please make sure you read and carefully adhere to the instructions on the postage paid envelope. We require a name, Long Reach address, signature, date, and the requirement to circle either TENANT or OWNER.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020 7:00 pm

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Candidates’ Night 2020 will be virtual. This is a wonderful opportunity hear from the candidates and ask questions!

Check the village website longreach.org & our Facebook page for virtual meeting information.