Kendall Ridge Meadow Project

A project has been proposed for the creation of a small (0.05 acre) meadow in the Columbia Association (CA) open space along the Kendall Ridge Loop path. Currently this area is landscaped solely with turf grass. The addition of the meadow to this area would provide benefits in terms of pollinator habitat, storm water management, community engagement and reduced maintenance.

Kendall Ridge residents are eager to initiate this project. A core group of enthusiastic residents will be primarily responsible for overseeing all stages of development. The project heavily depends on the community’s involvement in maintenance and CA’s funding for most, if not all, of the materials, including blading of the site, plants, and temporary fencing to deter deer. A workshop highlighting the benefits of meadows will be held this summer at  Stonehouse. Stay tuned - details are to be determined.

Read the full proposal of the meadow here:

Note: This proposal refers to a previously proposed site - not the current sites being considered.

Kendall Ridge Meadow Proposal

Find an example of a similar meadow at the link below:

B33 Meadow Demonstration Project | NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center

Proposed Site for Kendall Ridge Meadow