New Residents

Dear New Resident:

On behalf of the Long Reach Community Association, I want to welcome you to Long Reach, the largest and most active village in Columbia. We are pleased that you have chosen Long Reach as a place to live. One of our main jobs is to provide information and referral, so if you have any questions about Long Reach, Columbia or Howard County, please call us and we’ll answer what we can or refer you to the right source. If you have questions specifically about our architectural review process. please ask for one of our Covenant Advisors. Long Reach Community Association does not levy any assessments on property owners. However, the Columbia Association does collect a special annual fee from all property owners. If you live in a townhouse or condominium, you may also have a townhouse or condo association with their own homeowner requirements, information and fees. We try to keep a current contact list on our website and in our office and will provide that information if you call us. We know that moving is always a chaotic time, with boxes, new schedules and schools and lots of changes. Eventually things will settle down and you’ll have time for yourself again. Please keep us in mind when that time comes and stop by Stonehouse for our special packet of information for newcomers. We hope that this web site will help you learn more about your village. We know you will enjoy living here in Long Reach.


Tina Addo, Village Administrator Long Reach