Master Gardener Series – Fall 2019

Join us for free presentations from the Master Gardeners of Howard County. Learn tips and tricks from experts that you can take home to your own garden!

Herbs: Indoor Herb Gardening – September 30 · 7pm

Herbs like sunny locations indoors and out. Whether you grow them from seed or buy plants, by following simple suggestions for growing, maintaining, and harvesting indoors or outside you can have a ready supply of herbs year round. This presentation provides general care ideas that apply to a variety of herbs.

Perennial Gardening  – October 21 · 7pm

This session provides an in-depth forum for creating and maintaining beautiful perennial gardens. It includes a discussion of design concepts, plant selection, soil preparation, on-going plant care, and sustainable practices. Recommendations for tree, shrub, and perennial plants, with an emphasis on native plants are provided.

Invasive Plants – November 18 · 7pm

Invasive plants seem to be multiplying every year and are a burden to every gardener. This presentation will talk about things you need to know about invasives and will inform you about ways to deal with them so you can make the right decisions for your landscape. Emphasis is on both ornamental plants and weedy species.

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