Master Gardener Workshops – Spring 2023

Join us for these free, online presentations from the Master Gardeners of Howard County. 

Getting Your Garden Ready for SpringMonday, February 20 at 7pm

Escape the chill and gear up for Spring! Join our virtual meeting to learn how to grow a beautiful garden!

This session provides guidance on sustainable gardening best practices for the Spring season. The session is appropriate for beginning and casual home gardeners who can benefit from tips on what gardening tasks to do in the Spring, how best to do each task, and when during the season to do them. A full range of gardening types – vegetable, perennial, and native plant gardens – is discussed, along with design and on-going care recommendations.

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Preventing and Solving Vegetable Growing Problems Monday, March 20 at 7pm

Join us for an informative discussion about rearing a successful veggie garden!

Kent Phillips will share his insight and expertise on the ways to cultivate a beautiful vegetable garden. Kent Phillips’ presentation focuses on soil testing, pest prevention and disease prevention. Vegetables require soils with the proper pH and nutrients. Kent will discuss how to conduct a soil test, where to send the sample for analysis and how to interpret the results. The presentation also contains information on using integrated pest management (IPM) to reduce bad insects in the vegetable garden. Vegetables sometimes suffer from diseases such as powdery mildew and bacterial diseases of tomato. The most common of these will be discussed. Learn how to avoid common problems and solve others so your vegetable garden can yield the most product!

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