Snow Information

Stonehouse Snow Closing: For updates on weather-related closings please visit

Clear Your Sidewalks: Howard County does not remove snow on any residential sidewalks. The property owner (including townhouse and condo associations) abutting a sidewalk in a public right-of-way is responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk within 48 hours after the snow fall. (Howard County Code, Section 18.402(h)(1))

If a property owner has not removed the snow within that timeframe, you may want to contact the property owner and advise them of the County Code or ask if they need assistance. Residents may be physically unable to shovel snow and may be hesitant to request help. As a last resort, to file a complaint, contact the Howard County Police Department at 410-313-2200.

Do Not Park along Cul-de-Sacs: Parking on the inner circle of cul-de-sacs is always illegal, but plows can only clear your circle if there is enough room for plows.

Where To Go For More Snow Information: