Update on Village Elections & Nomination Period

Village Elections are still scheduled for Saturday, April 25 but subject to change. We will keep residents informed of adjustments to the plans as they occur. Currently:

  • The Association has three open positions on the Long Reach Community Association Board of Directors to fill by election. The Nomination Period ends at noon on Friday, March 20, 2020.
  • Candidates must file a Nomination Petition no later than March 20, 2020 by noon.  Packets are available for download on our website. Click here to download.
  • Nomination Petitions can be dropped off at Stonehouse or emailed by noon on March 20. Nomination Petitions can also be mailed, but candidates must contact the village manager by noon on Friday March 20th to give notice to Long Reach Community Association of the petition.  Village Manager contact info: email info@longreach.org or call Stonehouse at 410-730-8113.

UPDATE:   No resident, member of the Long Reach Community Association or witness signatures will be required for this election.  Also, no candidate signature is required if the candidate emails the petition to info@longreach.org.

We thank you for your patience as we navigate through this period of uncertainty.  Continue to visit our website, check emails and social media sites for updated information regarding village operations and procedures.