Buying and Selling in Long Reach


“For Sale” signs and/or directional signs to homes for sale, be it realtor’s signs or private signs, are not to be displayed in right-of-ways, median strips, etc. until Friday afternoon and then removed by noon on Monday. The village complies with Howard County sign laws. “For Sale” signs may be displayed on your property. Please contact Stonehouse if there are any concerns. Sold, Under Contract, etc. signs are NOT ALLOWED.


Legal/Resale documents (also known as resale packets, covenant packets, etc.) are needed when you sell your home and can be purchased at Stonehouse. A resale packet includes Legal/Resale documents for both the Long Reach Community Association and the Columbia Association. The price of a resale packet is $25.00. We accept cash (exact change only) and checks payable to Long Reach Community Association.

NOTE: Stonehouse is currently undergoing renovations, and staff is working in another location. Please contact to request an appointment to purchase the resale packet.

If you reside in a townhouse or condominium, please contact your management company or your association board chair for their legal documents.


A Letter of Compliance, though not required by law, is highly recommended and a useful tool to have when selling your home. It assures anyone interested in buying your property that when the Letter was issued there were no Covenant violations on the property at the time of inspection. This is important as they will become responsible for any violations after closing. We recommend requesting a Letter of compliance at least 30 days before settlement.

To learn more, please visit our Letter of Compliance Information page. 

 For information regarding Columbia Association assessment, visit

The Columbia Association, Inc. (CA) is not a Planned Unit Development (PUD) but is a community-controlled, private, non-profit service corporation.

Please note that the Long Reach Community Association, Inc. does not assess homeowner’s association dues of any sort against residents of the Village of Long Reach, does not own any property and does not possess a master insurance policy.  Fees are assessed by the Columbia Association and may also be assessed by a condominium or townhouse association.  For information regarding Columbia Association assessment, visit If the property is a townhouse or condominium in Long Reach, please call or e-mail us for the appropriate contact information.  We also have a list of the townhouse and condo associations here: Townhouse & Condo Associations

Click below to view the Realtor’s Guide to CA and the Villages.

Realtor’s Guide to CA & The Villages